Welcome to your OEM factory

In the heart of Bike Valley, Unibike is more than a company – it’s your cycling companion. From customizations to mass production, our team is here to turn your dreams into reality. Let Unibike be the architect of your cycling journey.

Our Services


Explore how our team of experts can help you build your dream bike.


Discover more about our cutting-edge painting line that is equipped with brand-new equipment.

Carbon painting

Uncover how we create unique and high-quality finished carbon frames with our expert touch.

Bike assembly

Our state-of-the-art facility spans 5000m² and is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

Storage and logistics

In 2023, we introduced a storage facility spanning 3750m² and standing 10m high.

What Makes Us Different?

Environmental responsibility

All of our painting methods utilize low VOC, eco-friendly products, and we are proud that since 2023, 60% of our energy is covered by photovoltaic panels.

Partnerships and relationships

A partner at Unibike is not just a customer. We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust.

Professionals with experience

Our team of experts will accompany you throughout the journey and help you navigate the challenges along the way.


In the heart of the Bike Valley, we have many great partnerships. Our combined knowledge and resource allows us to ship globally

No Job Is Impossible

Do you have a project? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss this with you and help bring your project to life.